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Yoga Mat TPE Eco Friendly Non Slip Fitness Exercise Mat 183cm x 51cm x 0.6cm

  • ✔ NON SLIP - Our yoga mats for women and men features a non slip surface sweat proof material- excellent for holding postures in yoga or pilates. Exercise with ease using TILEJ Sports thick yoga mat. Our Yoga mat set comes in a gift box, making it a perfect gift, also can be used at a family gathering, Christmas and birthday party. It serves the right kind of comfort you need during your yoga session. Use it at your home or take it to the gym for Pilates, yoga, gymnastics, stretching and so on.
  • ✔ SUPERIOR COMFORT - Our TILEJ exercise mats feature premium quality cushioning to absorb impact and create comfort under your feet, so you can do your workouts without hurting your joints and balls of your feet. It is crafted using high-quality NBR foam material which ensures its durability and comfort. This yoga mat is free of latex and other harmful materials. Thus, it is a perfect yoga mat for both indoor and outdoor activities. It doesn’t become slippery as you sweat. It is sweat repellent.
  • ✔ HIGH QUALITY - Don't believe us? If you have any issue with your workout mats contact us straight away and we will resolve it asap. We pay extra for higher quality materials and believe to be the highest quality ribbed NBR mat on the market. TPE material technology is No latex, no PVC, non-toxic or any harmful chemicals. This multipurpose exercise mat’s non-slip surface prevents it from sliding under you on any tile, wooden or cement floor. Also, it withstands through sweat during the workout.
  • ✔ MOBILE - Our TILEJ workout mat comes with a free carry strap rolled up inside making it ideal for mobile use or storing away neatly in your home ready for the next workout. The fitness mat is 173cm long by 80cm wide. The thickness is 6mm. This 6mm thickness giving you extra-cushioned for joint support. It has a compact shape to store it in your cupboard or under the bed. Our yoga mat comes with a bag for you to move it anywhere you need. It is a professional yoga mat with high-density support.
  • Your mat will come with a free bag, making it easy for you to carry with you to the gym
"TILEJ Yoga Mats are your lightweight, microfiber, padded, nonslip and prime choice when it comes selecting sports mats. Our dual-layered, closed-cell TPE mats are textured for a non-slip grip, making them great for any other form of yoga. The TILEJ team has built the yoga mat thick yet compact with practicality at the core so it caters for gym, fitness, stretching, pilates, sport, jump and natural exercise purposes. The TILEJ Yoga Mat can be used for: ✔️ Padded yoga mat/Yoga mats ✔️ Hot yoga mat/Hot yoga mats with yoga straps ✔️ Pilates mat/Pilates mats ✔️ Exercise mat/Exercise mats ✔️ Gym mat/Gym mats/Gym matt for home ✔️ Workout mat/Workout mats ✔️ Training mat/Training mat ✔️ Gymnastic equipment mat/Gymnastics equipment mats ✔️ Sit up mat/Sit up mat ✔️ Sport mat/Sport mats ✔️ Training mat/Cheap Training mat ✔️ Floor mat/Floor mats ✔️ Roll mat/Roll mats ✔️ Stretch mat/Stretch mats The TILEJ Yoga Mat is ideal for the individual that leads a busy lifestyle. Our thick exercise mat has been made with stretch roll, TPE/eco friendly rubber and folding material, along with a yoga mat carry strap/carry belt, to ensure you can take it anywhere. Whether you're looking for a natural outdoors workout, heading to your local gym or stretching next to your treadmill at home, the TILEJ Yoga Mat and it's build carrying straps are made to fit around your lifestyle. The TILEJ Yoga Mat is the perfect gift for anyone who considers themselves to be a 'yogi'😃. With wide, thick and long specifications, the TILEJ large exercise mat is also more than suitable for women, men and children/kids. TILEJ Yoga Mat – TPE Eco friendly Yoga Mat Thick for Exercise, Gym, Pilates, Fitness and Workout. TILEJ Money-back guarantee: Our TILEJ yoga mats have been distributed in the UK to the best quality and industry standards. If for whatever reason you are not satisfied with our yoga mat, we will offer a replacement or full refund within the first 30 days."