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Beguile Wig by Natural Image Inspired

Rich Chestnut Glow

Beguile is a fun & wavy bob with tonnes of volume that adds natural movement and dimension, plus tonnes of texture. The temple-to-temple lace front allows you to have unlimited styling options, including off the face. Also, the monofilament parting means that the piece will mimic a natural hair line allowing for maximum discretion. 

Shown in colours: G30 and Chocolate Glow Root CHG#2

Style:                Mid Length Wig

Length From Crown:      11"-       Mid-Shoulder

Cap Type:          Part-Monofilament parting with LaceFront

Cap Size:         Average

Fibre Type:     High Quality Synthetic. DO NOT HEAT STYLE. 

Hair Style:      Wavy Bob

Hair Type:     High Quality Synthetic. DO NOT HEAT STYLE. 

How to care for your new wig

 All our synthetic wigs are made from the highest quality synthetic fibre that is designed to look and feel just like real hair. To ensure the wig stays and looking its best we suggest you take the following steps to keep your wig in good shape and its natural shine.

      • Gently remove tangles from the wig with fingers or a tangle teezer. Do not brush.

     • To wash use a special mild shampoo with warm water, soak for at least 1 hour and rinse thoroughly. The longer you soak your wig, the better. The dirt will come out very easy without having to rub.

     • To soften and smooth the fibre use a revitalising conditioner.

     • To dry your wig, let it dry naturally.  DO NOT USE A HAIRDRYER. The best practice will be to stand your wig in a mannequin head over night in an airing cupboarding. The wig will be ready to wear in the morning.


Caution!! Please take more care when opening Oven, hair dryers or hair curlers, or places like Hot-air balloons!! The heat can cause the fibre to frazzle and may harm your skin..


 Wigs do not need to be washed as frequently as your own hair. We suggest you wash them every 10th wear or so, depending on how you have been wearing them.


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