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April Wig By Natural Image

Petite Cap

This short feathered wig is one of our customer favourites. Ruffle through with the fingers for a striking spiky look or smooth down for a sleek,pixie look.

Length from Crown: 2.25 to 4in
Length from side of Head: 2.75in
Length from Nape: 1.75in
CapSize: Average or Petite
Construction: Wefted base

Full Wefted base
Full Wefted base

Open Wefting, allowing the scalp to breath. Good ventilation.
Stretch base. Giving a snug secure fit, ensuring the wig moulds to the head.
Size adjusters. Allows the wig to be easily adjusted for size. Fixed with Velcro or hooks to elastic.
Stiffened ear tabs (side burns) these should be pressed to the temple area to mould to the head for a secure fitting. Make sure they are level each side!
Close Wefted Top on a net base. This allows for Perma Tease to be used at the root area for styles that need height and volume on top.